Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you remove small ticks with the remover?
  • Can it be used both on animals and humans?
  • Are you supposed to pull or twist the tick away?
  • If there are residues from the tick left in the skin, what shall I do?
  • How do I dispose of the tick after the removal?
  • It is possible to remove ticks with your fingers. Why use a remover?
    If you grab hold with your fingers on the body of the tick, or use tweezers or tweeze like tools, there is a risk of pressing contagious substances into the bite wound. Then it is better to use a modern remover which eliminates this and also decreases the risk to adopt a disease or just a plain infection
  • How can you clean the remover pen after use?
  • If the catch loop breaks, is it replaceable?
  • How big ticks can be removed with the tickremover? "I have seen huge ticks!"
  • Ticks are not supposed to transfer diseases until after 48 hours, is that true?
  • How do you take the remover apart for recycling?