Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you remove small ticks with the remover?
  • Can it be used both on animals and humans?
  • Are you supposed to pull or twist the tick away?
  • If there are residues from the tick left in the skin, what shall I do?
  • How do I dispose of the tick after the removal?
  • It is possible to remove ticks with your fingers. Why use a remover?
  • How can you clean the remover pen after use?
  • If the catch loop breaks, is it replaceable?
  • How big ticks can be removed with the tickremover? "I have seen huge ticks!"
    The loop is 15 millimeters. The largest engorged adult tick we found here in Sweden was 11.2 millimeter lengthwise. In Sweden it is the same species of ticks which attacks mice, horses or humans. It will not become bigger even if it is found on an elephant, but some persons have given them gigantic proportions, mostly by fear of the creepy creatures
  • Ticks are not supposed to transfer diseases until after 48 hours, is that true?
  • How do you take the remover apart for recycling?