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    Übertragung von zeckenübertragenen Krankheiten, Schlussfolgerung: (englisch)

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    Übertragung von zeckenübertragenen Krankheiten, Schlussfolgerung:

Werner Johansson


We must start to fight the tickdeseases.
1) The first step was to introduce a tool from Sweden , which enables for everyone to remove the tick in a proffesional way.
2) We followed with a very big ticktest. (10.000) It was very successful in Germany 2004-6 and 2005 we started in many countries. In average 36% are positive and 27% of them transfere Lyme Borreliose to Humans.
In fact each 9-th bite transfer Lyme Borreliose and in Germany you have about 100.000 new cases each year.
How many people not getting sic is not known.
3) After a row of indoor ticktests 2005-6, (samples only) we can already present our first recommendations in order to reduce the risc of a tickbite indoor. The first results are unbelievable. Ask for the new flyer in english.