Users manual
1. Press down the loop and put it over the tick, as close to the skin as possible. Press the top of the pen into the skin

2. Realise the button slowly and tilt the tick remover perpendicularly against the skin

3. Keep the green point against the skin and turn it one round between your fingers and lift the tick away. Clean the wound und keep the tick to enable a ticktest.


If you look at the photomicrograph of the ticks sting- and suction organ (hypostome) you can easily see that if you pull straight out the barbs grip and get even more stuck in the skin (thatīs what barbs are for). The risk of pulling the tick apart increases.

If you twist instead the barbs will release their grip easier and all of the front part together with the head can come along. Tests have shown that it does not matter what direction you twist, clockwise or counterclockwise gives the same good results.
Always twist the tick away when useing our "Tick Lasso"!
It is faster. Gives less pain. Safer complete removal of whole tick. Decreases the risk of infections.